'"My father used to let me take photos when I was a child. I still remember how much of a delight that was. An act of freedom and responsibility.

Then I studied psychology and made my own journey, working with people with mental illness. It had nothing to do with photography but helped construct and descontruct my ideas about things, people, and what was happening. Curiosity was always present in my life. Still is.

One day, I realized that photography could be part of the process of development and growing, as an inner discovery through images. Photography was a way to fix a memory, to freeze time, to dream, to play and to live. It was not therapy, but a way to feel comfortable.

I don't consider myself a photographer in classical terms, although photography is always a presence in my life. Photography is a way to express myself. It allows me an escape from the world. I do it for my own pleasure but it is also very important to me to share and to communicate with others and to have their eyes react to and think about what I've done. 

I don't have a personal website and I'm only in flickr. I had an account on Instagram but deleted it. I feel like an amateur of photography and I don't want to take it too seriously."

Ana Caldas' flickr