"I am Anne-Sophie Landou, a French photographer based in Marseille. I have Corsican roots I am very attached to and I was born in Toulon, by the sea.

Photography has been a lifestyle since I was a teen; the camera is always with me and I just shoot what I see with my own artistic sensitivity.

Photography became serious to me in high school when I got sick. For a year, I took intimate pictures of my closest friends, pictures of my family, of my dog, a lot of self portraits. I deal with anxiety issues; photography became my favorite way to break this mental pattern I am often locked in.

I have a law degree but I never could work in that field, always caught up by my obsession with images and my vital desire to create.

I am a detective with a good partner in crime, the shutter! That is how I see it: photography is part of who I am, a play tool to convey my vision of the world in a raw, poetic, intuitive, feminine way. Lately I am only using color, shooting mostly analog and using flash. I guess because it is how I see and feel things, in a very gritty, explosive, intense way.

It happens in the now, that is why beyond my inspiration by great artists, my passion for curating and discovering emergent artists and my hyper sensitivity, life is what makes me a photographer."

Interview from Underexposed Magazine