Bill Dane, born 1938, first gained prominence as a painter but after two studio fires, leaving him with little else than his outfit and a camera, he decided to devote all his attention to photography. In 1973 he had his first show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has had solo shows in several of the most important institutions for photography in the U.S., including at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and at the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco. 

Bill Dane has received two Guggenheim fellowships and two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships. Always unconventional in his way of sharing work, he may be know to many for his extensive use of  postcards in the years between 1969 and 2007. In 2007 Bill signed in to the world wide web and has since built up an impressive website where he stores what he sees as his full photographic archive, a long list of articles and interviews, his blog as well as records from many of his exhibitions. To know Bill's work better there is no better place to go. Bill lives in the Bay area where he continues to work and evolve.

We are selling both vintage prints as well as new prints from digital files. Please get in touch for a complete list of what we have or visit Bill Dane's website. All pictures on his website are available as signed, open-edition prints for $99 plus cost of production and shipping.

Artist website
Artist CV
Interview with Bill Dane by Nick Jarvis Powers (2017)