Galleri Blunk, Trondheim - outsidere

On Oct 4 Galleri Blunk opened the door to their latest exhibition. The show outsidere was curated by Dan Skjæveland and featured work from all the photographers associated with our gallery. The idea was to try and highlight some of the work being produced and distributed outside of traditional institutions, where politics and money might play a lesser part in influencing the work. We were excited to try and bring this work into a more traditional venue for a limited time to see what an engaged audience would think.

Galleri Blunk is a non-profit gallery run by young local artists and they give artists a chance to show their work to the local townsfolk. It seemed like the perfect space for this exhibition.

The show was up for four days and Dan Skjæveland was present in this period to take questions. 

 Installation view of the exhibition  outsidere , Oct 4–Oct 8, 2017

Installation view of the exhibition outsidere, Oct 4–Oct 8, 2017