Dan Skjæveland, born 1987, is a Norwegian photographer who, in addition to his own artistic practice, has an interest in the history of the medium and how we interact with photographs. 

He has shown work at the National Art Exhibition of Norway and has received a number of grants for his work, including the Government grants for artists, exhibition grants from Arts Council Norway, and project development grants from the Norwegian Professional Photographers fund.

His interest in the history of photography has led him to work as a research assistant on All Things are Photographable, the upcoming Garry Winogrand documentary due for release in 2017. In addition to this he is working on a book consisting of segments from his many interviews with Bill Dane, as well as developing a show of Bill Dane's work. He is a teacher and director of the photography program at Skogn folk high school, and the initiator and curator of the Dan Skjæveland Gallery.

Please get in touch if you'd like to see more work.

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