'From 1993 to 2010 I worked as a ceramic artist and had several exhibitions in Holland. A lot of my work was bought by Japanese Ikebana artists and amateurs. In that period I also organized a number of exhibitions in various fields of art. During the last three years of my career I worked within a multidisciplinary group of artists on the theme of Death. The last exhibition that I organized for this group was called “Time to Go“. It was the last exhibition of my ceramics, too!

In 2012 I started with photography. My camera (a simple one: Panasonic FZ 1000) is my friend; it is always with me. I walk “slowly” with a tentative look. In that way I am able to make contact with what I see. And possibly, interaction will develop. There is often semitransparent glass between my eye, the camera and the object.
Sometimes there is light that beckons or there are colours, simple forms or often seemingly insignificant things of daily life; at the same time, I do not worry about supposed meanings and messages.

For me, the similarity between working with clay and the making of photographs is the desire to come into close contact with the world directly around me.

In close cooperation with my curator, Janneke Lam, a photographer and cultural theorist, I am currently working on a book provisionally called “The Melody of Things”.