William Keckler’s poetry, prose, and verbo-visual art have appeared in several hundred journals since 1990. Keckler is also a playwright and has written several screenplays. His poetry and plays have received many accolades, including two Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry and fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts and Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. His book of poetry, Sanskrit of the Body, won in the National Poetry Series in 2002. 

He was part of the group anthology Four Photographers (alongside Esther Reyes, William Keckler and Ivan Melnychu). 

A statement from the artist:

'About me? Poet and storyunteller. I like merfolk. Visuals tickle my uvula.. I like the indescribable, the irrecoverable, the unrecognizable and the alluringly indecipherable. I think that means I just like nature. Also, I believe (perhaps mistakenly) I am part of nature.' 

Four Photographers
Sanskrit of the Body (book of poetry)